Perfectionism & High-Achievement

You are ambitious, bright, you have achieved quite a lot in your life.

But inside you still feel dissatisfied, anxious, unable to appreciate what you have.

Maybe you find yourself focusing on how that next thing –a job, relationship, home, family– will finally bring you the satisfaction you long for. Or you judge yourself harshly when you feel that you don’t measure up.

Is it challenging to separate out what you do or what you achieve from who you are or what you’re worth?

Or perhaps you notice that you hold others up to your own standards, becoming easily critical, judgmental and removed.

Your success comes with unique and sometimes difficult emotional 

pressures that can affect your relationships and your sense of self. 

I can help you if you experience any of the following:

  • Feel driven to keep achieving more, regardless of how much you’ve already done.
  • Feel pressured to live up to high personal or social standards.
  • Hold yourself up to the standards of others’ accomplishments, or compare yourself or others unfavorably.
  • Keep yourself busy to distract from dealing with personal or relationship issues.
  • Live with a harsh inner critic that is never satisfied.
  • Fear you’re loved for your achievements, not for who you are.
  • Worry excessively about how others perceive you.

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