Difference & Non-Normative Experience

Feeling different in any way that sets you apart from others –however big or small- can be painful.

The impulse to fit in, to change or abandon yourself to be more like those around you can be powerful.

These pressures can place great strain on your authentic identity and healthy sense-of-self.

They can also lead you to make important decisions about who you are and how you live, that don’t align with your actual truth or core values.

Therapy with me can help you accept, embrace and express your differences with authentic confidence in your life.

I’ve found that the way you relate to what makes you unique 

makes all the difference in the world.


Some of the experiences I can help you work through are:

  • Character traits that are often socially misunderstood or even stigmatized, such as being “highly sensitive”, “shy, socially anxious, introverted” or a “late-bloomer.”
  • Life-decisions that don’t conform to social norms, including deciding not to have children.
  • Your cultural, racial or ethnic heritage.
  • Your sexual orientation.

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