Lasting Connection Begins Within

All appears well on the outside — you are capable, competent and accomplished.

But in your private moments you feel anxious or depressed, your personal relationships are challenging, you rarely feel good enough, you may even struggle with habits or compulsions that are self-sabotaging.

The good news is that emotional challenges can either be leveraged for change and growth, or repeated. The other piece of good news is: You get to decide that. Do you feel it’s time to make some shifts so you can live more fully? Would you like to build your resources and skills?

Are you longing for closer, more satisfying and lasting connection?

In therapy with me, you’ll begin to engage with yourself and your life in a new way. I specialize in empowering you to develop an intimate relationship with your innermost self. This inner knowing and relatedness is something you can learn to develop.

As you grow these inner resources and skills in therapy with me, you will be building a strong inner foundation for all other forms of healthy connection, engagement and vitality in your life.

I stay away from quick solutions and superficial answers.

I believe the benefits of those are temporary. I help you slow down and pay careful and thoughtful attention to your experience. What you might not expect is that this slowed-down process actually speeds up the process of discovery and healing.

Together we will understand your life struggles as communications, important sources of information that can teach us how to listen more effectively to your deeper self, and help us discern your uniquely personal path to growth and well-being.



“When you can locate and maintain an inner sense of truth, clarity, purpose, and an inspired direction for living rooted in authentic self-understanding, emotional pain naturally begins to resolve and your life can flourish in unimaginable ways.”
— Jennifer A. Caplan, M. A., MFT



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